.LiMA is nominated for SCHALLWELLE AWARD 2023!

.LiMA is nominated for SCHALLWELLE AWARD 2023!

Amazing news: We are nominated as BEST INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS for the prestigious SCHALLWELLE AWARD for electronic music!

It’s a great honor for us to be on the short list between big names like The Orb, Kebu or Steve Roach.

If you like what we do and want to support us, please vote for us at here:


This is how you vote:

  1.  Click on .LiMA on the list
  2.  Then click on WAHL ABSCHLIESSEN on the top right corner
  3.  Enter your name and e-mail address
  4.  Confirm – and your vote will be counted!
Important notice: The SCHALLWELLE website does not have https and is therefore classified as insecure by some browsers. But believe us, it is real and secure :)