.LiMA does Sounddesign for new Synth!

SUPERBOOTH 2019 was very special for us: we met the ingenious and lovely Austrian synth builder Horst Mayer – and are honoured to do the sounddesign for his stunning new modular synth M800!

But let’s tell the story …

We come from Austria, and the number of Austrians on the Superbooth is, let’s say, rather manageable.

But as we strolled through the many rooms full of gear, we suddenly hear that familiar Viennese dialect – the voice of an absolutely remarkable man from near Vienna, the synthesizer builder Horst Mayer from Mayer Electronic Instruments.

MAYER met .LiMA at Superbooth 2019

From basement to Superbooth

This guy developed 12 years incredible good sounding synthesizers undiscovered in the basement of his house in lower Austria, when one day his son said: “Dad, you have to show your synths to Schneider’s Laden in Berlin!”

Said it, done it! “Mr. Superbooth” Andreas Schneider himself was so excited about this innovative new synth, that he invited Mr. Mayer right away to the Superbooth 2019 in Berlin. Well done!

In MAYER’s basement

From sympathy to cooperation

It was sympathy at first sight (and sound) when we met. I quickly reached into the keys of his midi keyboard and improvised some sound surfaces with his breathtaking synth: the first 12-voice polyphonic Modular Synthesizer called Mayer M800!

What can I say? The sound is fantastic!! Rich, brilliant, agile, wide, stackable – the ideal lead synth for huge sound surfaces. So ideal for .LiMA!

Prototype bugfixing with C++

LiMA Sounddesign for M800

We are so happy the M800 is now in our studio. Why? We are honoured to do the sound design for it!

That means: we will develop 10 exclusive sounds, which will be available as presets in every new Mayer M800. Can’t wait to show you the first sounds …

More infos about Mayer M800

The Sonic State Interview from Superbooth 2019 by Nick Batt with Horst Mayer: