How we work with synths

How we work with synths

Inspired, played, recorded

.LiMA have a different approach to music: one algorithmic-mathematical (he) and one intuitive-musical (she). This combination is very inspiring for both of us!

When we’re in our studio, we work on new sounds for ourselves first. Usually it is …

She …

with her absolute ear and her classical piano education, who spontaneously comes up with a special melody that she usally plays on her 100 years old real piano or her 3 years old stage piano (Yamaha Reface CP), directly recorded. Then she drapes new sound surfaces and layers around the melody: on the Dave Smith Polyevolver, the Andromeda A6, the Kawai K5000, on the Roland SH-201 or System 1, sometimes also on the ARP 2600.

He …

joins them with the Clavia G2 modular, the Moog Sub37, the wonderful experimental Synthstrom Deluge and some Eurorack Modules, programming unusual, constantly surprising sound patterns and intelligent filigree rhythmic structures.

Depending on the mood, idea and overall melodic concept, we refine the recordings with further levels, such as the ARP 2600 or the Theremin.

Sometimes we also love to work with field recordings we capture everywhere we hear something that inspires us for more. Music is everywhere.

The results are nonconformistic epic multi-track recordings: more than 10 minutes long, emotional-atmospheric and floating electronic sound worlds, played with instruments (not on computers).

Sometimes with, sometimes without text, but this is a story of its own …

Hope you like it!

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