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Live and handplayed Hardware, straight from the heart.

All Videos Audio recorded with ZOOM H4nPro, 96 khz/24 bit. So put on your headphones and fly!

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Live Synth Session, Feb 2021

In this hypnotic 7′ Synth Live Improvisation Lina’s playing Alesis Andromeda A6, Dave Smith Polyevolver PE, Roland SH-201, Roland System-1 and Yamaha Reface CP.


The Hope Triology, 2020

Three Synth Masterpieces recorded and played live during the first three months of the Corona Pandemia, Spring 2020.

Part 3 // ELEGIA

April 2020

Lina’s athmospheric drone sound live on Dave Smith Polyevolver PE, Kawai K5000, Alesis Andromeda A6 and Roland System-1.  Drums via Roland TR-8 were recorded before.

Part 2 // EPITASIS

March 2020

Lina’s flowin’ live on Kawai K5000/Yamaha Reface CP, Dave Smith Polyevolver PE and Andromeda A6.

Part 1 // EUPHONIA

February 2020

Drum’n Bass live by Lina on Roland System-1, Dave Smith Polyevolver, Andromeda A6 and Yamaha Reface CP via Kawai K5000.

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