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"ANSTOSS", TheaterArche (Vienna, AT)

ANSTOSS was a NESTROY award nominated theatre play by Jakub Kavin, director of TheaterArche, launched in January 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

We composed the complete soundtrack and set all characters into musicĀ  - from short, futuristic sequences up to the grand melodic finale therfor the operatic aria "Olympia" from Jaques Offenbach's "The Tales of Hoffmann", performed by the japanese coloratura soprano Manami Okazaki, we set into a surprisingly futuristic sound athmosphere.



The ANSTOSS soundtrack TRANSHUMANISM is out now on Soundcloud:




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Lina is a Facebook enthusiast! There she publishes her legendary live synthesizer session videos regulary. Join her working with her favorite synths like Dave Smith Polyevolver, Andromeda A6, Deckard's Dream, Roland System 8 or Yamaha CK-61 live!



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