Hello, we are .LiMA

We are a nerdy couple based near beautiful Vienna, Austria, who love synthesizers. Mainly analogue, often modular, sometimes digital. In our cosy soundlab surrounded by forest we produce atmospheric electronic soundscapes and set spoken words, theatre plays and short films into music.

Our actual setup:

ARP 2600

Andromeda A6

Dave Smith Polyevolver PEK

Dave Smith Polyevolver Rack

Deckard's Dream by Black Corporation

Sequential Prophet 10

Moog Sub37

Moog Minitaur

Moog Etherwave Theremin

Synthstrom Deluge

Roland SH-201

Roland System 1

Roland System 8

Roland TR-8

2 x Roland MX-1

Roland VT-3


Clavia Nord G2 Modular

Yamaha CK-61

Yahama Reface CP

Kawai K5000

Bastl and Doepfer Module

Mutable Instruments Clouds

Roland System 1m

Roland Integra 7

Roland JV2080

Reaktor 6 

Presonus StudioLife 32 SX

Lexicon MX400

UAD Apollo Twin USB Duo

Alesis HD 24 XR

DirectOut exbox.uma

motu MIDI express XT

Meckie onyx 24.4

Neumann KH 80

Our studio cat Lilly [2006-2023]: