Film Trailer with .LiMA out now!

.LiMA goes TV!

We are happy to announce the official TV Film Trailer of ART STORIES!

Episode 2: “Klangwelten” with .LiMA

Remember our film shoot impressions in summer 2022? Now Episode #2 of the artist TV documentation ART STORIES by the Vienna film maker Leonhard Weidinger (Gold Bonded Film) is ready!

This wonderful musician’s portrait tells the artist story of .LiMA, the band DUNKELBUNT and the cellist Irmi Wolvin, all based in Vienna while the camera looks over our shoulders to explore how we make art and how we become who we are as artists.

We develop live a new piece of experimental electronic music with our hardware synthesizers – from Markus’ field recording to Linas first melody sketches indoors on a 100 year old piano and outdoors on the Yamaha Reface CP to weird sound experiments and sound development on the AndromedaA6, Dave Smith PolyevolverPE and Lyra8 to composition in our studio.

Watch the Official Trailer here:

Many thanks to Leonhard Weidinger from Gold Bonded Film for letting us be part of this extraordinary artist TV format. We feel honored being portrayed together with these fantastic artists!